Sunday, July 15, 2012

gap of two years

After about two years, I am here to share my life with you all.Have done many handwork items, done many trips, enjoyed life a lot.So will do some blabbering,some displays of my creations.Please go through everything, and encourage me

.Neha's pink pinafore...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holidays with grandchildren

As usual our grand children spent two months with us.THEY ARE ALWAYS BEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR,as we eagerly wait for their visit.Before they come I promise myself that I will spend as much quality time with them as possible .But after they return I realise that I have enjoyed their stay and they too have enjoyed our company,without spending time playing together or reading stories.
The reason may be we cannot accept that they are growing up and they enjoy television more than our company.We cannot control them in the absence of their parents.Moreover we love to pamper them and allow them to do things whenever they feel like doing without any time restrictions. Now the holidays are over and waiting for next vacation starts. We enjoy our grandchildren more than we have enjoyed our kids because we are not bothered about any responsibility .We are having more leisure time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After vacation

As I was very busy with grandchildren could not send any blogs. This is the only time of the year we get hold of our grandkids and enjoy their company.Don't think it is only enjoying. We fight for smal small things and forget it in few seconds.will meet you all with many new experiences.Bye till then-NIRANJANI

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

knitting cotton top

I knitted this top about 2 years back for my grand daughter.knitting cotton is very useful thread for knitting tops and frocks.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moonlight Dinner

On the last fullmoon day our ladies club arranged a party at our friend's roof garden.Theme of the gettogether was traditional dress and everyone has to narrate a humourous incident of their life or any joke.
Many of us went in our community traditional wear.I went wearing my 16 yards sary and wore it in such way which our grandmothers used to wear. Organisers had announced that the best dressed lady will get the prize. I lost the prize as I had not worn waistband and arm bands.Many youngsters were looking very beautiful in long plaits which were decorated with lot of flowers. First prize went to an elderly lady who has dressed like a rural woman with dozens of bangles.
Next programme was narrating jokes.Many jokes were very hilarious and I got first prize in it. We had 2 minutes and I told one joke related to everyday life. As I had time I told another self created joke.I like to share it with you.
"I am having super power of understanding mosquito language. But as my husband takes lot of precautions to avoid the entry of them inside our house I do not get the chance to hear their conversation. Today morning while I was boiling milk, I heard someone's voice. To my surprise I saw 2 mosquitoes on the juicer talking. Female mosquito was telling her husband that he had made a big mistake by sucking my blood.As I am a tough lady she had heartburn and acidity when she sucked my blood.And it was so severe that she had to take Digene to get rid of it..She told her hubby that today she has done a very good job by waking up early .She knew that my husband comes to the kitchen to prepare tea before going to his morning walk.She came and drank his blood to her heart's fill.She knew that he is a nice fellow and his blood was sweater than honey.". Soon after I finished my narration of the joke I had a big applause.
I have enclosed my traditional dressed snaps.
We had nice gujarathi meal and we returned home with light hearts.It was very enjoyable evening and as usually we meet in the afternoons this party of late evening was of different experience.It has rejuvenated our party spirit and made us more and more enthusiastic.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Woman's Day

I had forgotten that today is woman's day and early morning one of my friends called me to wish.Then messages started to pour. But for us there is no significance to it as we do not celebrate it in a grand manner.My daughter has sent me a message which is an apt description of ladies.I just like you to have a glance at the message.-We are cute Daughters,We are sweet Sisters,We are darling Wives,We are adorable Mothers,We are sourse of strength,We are WOMEN!HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY
Today women excel in all fields.She is the source of strength.This is a known fact. Recently we were introduced to a retired professor who appreciated his wife telling us that women can do 5-6 jobs simultaniously while managing the household duties. He clearly agreed that he cannot do the second job perfectly before finishi
ng the first one. When I was viewing a tv interview I came across a phrase "ageing with spirit" which caught my attention. I thought though women's day is not significant, I will remember this phrase and I am sure it will inspire me in future.I wish all women make this phrase as their motto.